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Creative Valentine's Day: what to give as a gift?

The most romantic date on the calendar is approaching, and surprise is the keyword for those who want to make the day even more special. Therefore, attention to detail and care in choosing the gift It is the focus of the most passionate couples.

Far beyond the cliché of flowers, romantic dinners and moonlit walks in the Valentine's Day, are the items that will make your loved one never forget how unique your relationship is.

To do this, you need to know your boyfriend's tastes well and create an exclusive item that will make him feel even more special. Not sure how? With a personalized and stylish gift. We've listed some ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for the occasion. Follow along.

Custom frames

You know that couple song? Your most used phrase? The first click or even recording your first trip as a couple? All of this can be transformed into an object full of delicacy and love, and the best: it can convey originality!

By choosing personalized frames for Valentine's Day, you can also sign with your name and the date you started dating or your first kiss. Couples who are already married or engaged can create a piece that tells a little of their story and that will be used at the wedding or even the wedding.

With personalized frames, you can choose the frame, the background color – when necessary – and even some images that will help create a special item that will be used forever as a reminder of the true love you have for each other.

Custom pillows

Saying “I love you” seems insufficient to demonstrate the immensity of the feelings of many couples. Therefore, to make the words tangible, many choose to print pillows, which become inseparable companions of their love when they are dreaming.

If you don't let go, the piece can be purchased as a pair, with each part having a photo or phrase that completes the other. You can also use the piece to print cute and romantic designs with phrases that mark your relationship, such as excerpts from songs or your favorite movie!

Box 365 reasons to love you

Every day you discover a new side of your boyfriend and that's what enchants you! With the 365 reasons to love you box, you can express everything that made you fall in love.

The ideal is to use memorable moments such as “the way you look at me whenever I'm late”, “the way you hug me when I feel cold”, “the dimple in your cheek when you smile at me, after a passionate kiss”, “ the desire not to be separated from you even when the weekend is over”, among others.

Goodbye routine with gifts to use as a couple

There's no doubt that a cute and affectionate gift is always a good idea, but how about celebrating Valentine's Day by saying goodbye to the routine?

You can surprise your loved one with an unusual gift – and best of all: to be used as a couple. How about one product subscription that will guarantee fun between four walls not just in June, but every month? Or else a accessory to make things even more spicy?

Erotic gifts, believe me, can be allies of love and warm up a couple's passion.

These are just a few tips for you to give gifts on Valentine's Day in a different, creative and original way. So, did you like any of them? The ideas inspired you to choose the ideal gift for Valentine's Day.

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