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How to keep your home organized and get rid of clutter for good

Knowing how to keep your home organized can seem like a challenge for some people, especially when you consider our daily routine. You need to dedicate yourself, but also choose some practices that improve time and work.

However, with planning and lightness, this mission becomes easier. Even when you have a lot of belongings accumulated in your home, store furniture in an appropriate location would be an interesting option.

With this in mind, we prepared this text so you know how to keep your home organized and get rid of that stress. Keep reading and check it out!

Create a routine for keeping your home organized

Creating a routine can make all the difference when it comes to knowing how to keep your home organized. It is the first step to getting everything in order in your corner.

And it's very simple: include making the bed, taking out trash from the kitchen and bathroom, folding clothes and washing dishes in your cleaning plan.

For those who don't have a lot of time available, waking up 15 minutes earlier than normal and including these habits can make a big difference. This will ensure greater organization.

At first, it may seem tiring, but over time, you will do these processes practically automatically.

Don't do later what can be done now!

One of the principles of good organization is not to let things accumulate. Because of this, adopt the “don’t leave it for later” mantra in your daily routine.

Therefore, when you take something out of its place and are no longer going to use it, put it back; If something gets dirty, wash it and don't let the containers accumulate.

This way, the amount of clutter will be much smaller and you won't suffer when thinking about everything that needs to be organized. Over time, the work will seem much smaller and you won't even notice.

Create a cleaning checklist

Another way to know how to keep your home organized is to create a cleaning checklist. It's really worth doing this, as you'll have greater control over everything you need to do during your week.

So, with the list you will plan to wash the bathroom, mop the house, put the clothes in the wash, among other daily tasks.

Create this checklist with all the activities needed that week, then organize the days on which each thing needs to be done. You can put this list, for example, on the refrigerator to make it easier to see. Remembering that it is important to write down everything that is done.

By completing these weekly tasks to make your home more organized, you will notice how much easier everything will become. 

Bet on the practicality of decoration

A house with practical decoration and without many decorations, in addition to being more charming, will be much simpler to organize. This is because it ends up requiring less time and energy for maintenance.

Therefore, choose more versatile and modern options, such as furniture that can be easily repositioned. Multifunctional belongings are a good choice.

Use the concept that less is more and don't suffer from clutter. For example, how about including a multifunctional table in your home? It has everything to do with this concept and will help a lot in organizing the environment.

Avoid the accumulation of objects

This tip is interesting and applies especially to those looking to know how to keep their home organized. The accumulation of objects greatly hinders organization, especially in smaller environments.

Many people have difficulty finding what they need on a daily basis and can end up leaving everything disorganized when looking for it.

Therefore, whenever you acquire a new belonging, remove the old one to donate or sell. This will help a lot in the process of keeping your home organized.

Remembering that many people without space cannot donate certain goods. In this case, renting your own space to store your belongings would be the ideal option.

Keep each object in its place

Spreading your furniture and objects can be a problem in the process of keeping your home organized. Therefore, prefer to create intelligent storage logic.

For example: if your beauty products are in the bedroom, don't spread them around the bathroom. If your clothes are in the closet, don't leave them in another closet or on the bed.

All of this will help a lot in organizing your home. You will need a reference space for each type of object to be able to maintain this routine more easily.

Keeping your home organized requires discipline, as well as a certain amount of attention. But keep in mind that this won't waste your time, it will help!

So, organize your priorities and live much better in your little corner, after all, what matters is feeling in harmony with your home environment.

Use home organizers

Finally, home organizers can help a lot in keeping everything in its rightful place. You can use these pieces in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, dressers, among others.

In other words, if you are looking for ways to keep your home organized, these utensils are the right option to use in every closet in your home. This way, they will keep everything in the right place, without making it difficult for something to be found.


As you noticed throughout the text, there are several ways to keep your home organized and get rid of everyday stress, right? Now just put these actions into practice and get rid of the mess!

And don't forget that lack of space is common in people's daily lives, especially in small homes and apartments. Therefore, renting a safe and reliable space to store your furniture can be a good option.

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