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How to have a painting gallery at home?

A gallery of paintings at home can transform environments. Check out our tips for this space to reflect your personality.

Although framed works of art have lost space in some modern styles, such as minimalist, other contemporary decors continue to transform walls and hallways into a true picture gallery at home.

The challenge, however, is not in finding the images that best reflect your personality to ensure a place in your home, but rather in making this combination of images truly harmonious.

And, to help you create a true gallery of paintings at home, we've put together a few for you to get inspired by. Check out!

Start with choosing images

Are you a casual or classic style? Do you prefer vibrant colors to monochromatic tones? This should all be part of your initial planning to create a picture gallery at home. After all, only those elements that add style to your personality should be on display.

Another good tip is to use these images to create an interaction between them. For example: you can opt for the same style of frames so that they correspond to a specific theme.

And there's no shortage of options, as you can create a picture gallery at home with:

  • Illustrations;
  • Phrases;
  • Posters;
  • Images.

Compare the size of the paintings with the size of the rooms

With the images selected, it is important to find the best place to set up your gallery of paintings at home.

The fun thing about this type of composition is that the frames don't necessarily need to be the same size. Each one can have different measurements and, thus, you create a more unpretentious, but very creative environment.

The only question here concerns the measurements of the walls they will be on — remembering that there must, indeed, be an organized layout in this sense. For example: very small paintings do not look harmonious on large walls. But, if you have little interest in creating conventional galleries, hanging paintings are on the rise and can make all the difference in more spacious spaces in the home, such as the living room.

Tips for not making mistakes when creating your painting gallery at home

The previous two points are the main ones to take into consideration when creating a picture gallery at home, but they are not the only ones. Check out other tips to achieve the desired effect on your walls.

  • Simulate, before creating the compositions, with the help of bond paper in the size of the paintings. This way, you have a good perspective of what the final result will look like;
  • Use a pencil to outline the frames, so that you don't make a mistake in the composition when placing it on the walls;
  • If you opt for suspended works of art, evaluate the surrounding space so as not to make the space impassable later.

Now, the responsibility is all with you! It's time to evaluate the best images that can be part of your gallery of paintings at home and give an effect full of personality to your environments.

And, you know: to find the inspiration you want for your creative project, check out our blog.

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