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We decorated Soltos’ house in Floripa

The series that is making people talk Soltos em Floripa used Criativando wallpapers in all the bedrooms, living rooms, environments and even in the kitchen furniture, bedrooms and bathrooms as coverings.

The series that is giving people something to talk about Released in Floripused it Creativando wallpapers in all bedrooms, living rooms, environments and even kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Debuting its production in Brazil, Amazon Prime Video recorded and produced the reality show Released in Floripa in a paradisiacal mansion on the island, with lots of luxury and an environment worthy of an international production, this is a success. Of course we know that success is not just for the house hehehe.

Amazon Prime Video and Creativando

In the search for wallpapers to compose the environment, the producer Floresta Productions partner of Amazon Prime Video and responsible for recording the program in Brazil, approached Criativando to carry out this project.

We created completely personalized wallpapers for the environments and furniture, we worked together with the art director and the American team at Amazon Prime and the result you can see below in some photos.

Throughout the project, there were more than 500 square meters of Criativando wallpapers and the results, as you saw, speak for themselves.

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